Where pop tends to value visibility, Becky and the Birds favours obscurity. Her moniker of choice came about through writing and producing her debut EP. “I felt like I really needed someone to project these emotions onto. Because otherwise it was all on me—Thea Gustafsson, and it became really heavy. As soon as I decided to change my name it just felt so good.” Into that EP, she’s decanted her prior frustrations with the music business, as well as the darkness of her depressive period. The result; a genre-spanning blend of lush electronics, nods to trip-hop and ‘90s R&B, stitched together with soul-stirring spoken word vocal samples and noises plucked from nature. Being completely in control of her sound comes at a price. “You go kind of insane when you’re writing by yourself —you’re stuck with all your thoughts, there’s no-one next to you saying, ‘This is good!’ It’s kind of a fragile thing, but that’s when it becomes magical.” This quest to tell stories, and her will to express her own unique, genuine experiences, is the essence of Becky and the Birds.