Albin Lee Meldau – is a singer-songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden who wanders the street corners, pubs and venues of the cities of Europe, filling them with people and his guitar case with money. Growing up reading poetry, listening to Dylan and exploring different genres – Albin is the perfect result of soul and pop combined.

– “My life has been characterized by tones, from Sonia Hedenbratt’s babbling, The Wailers wailing, Otis crashing to Dylan’s poetry. When I turned seven years old my dad gave me a boom box, and Bob Marley’s ‘Kaya’ and my uncle, who could play Hendrix for fun, came in his sunglasses and played ‘Voodoo Child’ on his guitar.”

Albin released his first single ‘Lou Lou’ in 2016, followed up by an EP called ‘Lovers’ the same year. He’s now been in the studio recording with the eminent producer Björn Yttling, and it’s all set to be released sometime during 2017, between international shows in festivals and pubs. He’s soon to be found playing close to you.